Why join Tri Montagne?

Ok, so there’s a new club in town. So why should you join?

Well, to start with Triathlon is a great sport. You swim, you bike, you run… so you get to do 3 sports in one! There are lots of different triathlons of different distances and people of all abilities and ages can compete – so there is something for everyone!

Being part of Tri Montagne will help you enjoy triathlon even more than you would if you just did it on your own. There are going to be regular club training sessions throughout the summer so you get to prepare for your chosen event with like-minded people. You don’t even have to be doing an event, you could just come along for the fitness benefits and to meet other people. The sessions are going to be taken by a fully qualified and excellent coach too, so you’ll probably learn a bit along the way.

All levels and ages are welcome to join the club, whether you are a beginner looking to get into the sport or whether you have done lots of triathlons before.  You don’t have to be a permanent resident, holidaymakers and 2nd home-owners are also very welcome!

The club membership fee is just €45 per person. This gives you the access to the club training sessions which are going to be held on different days and at different times from June through to September so even if you can only make a few sessions it’s still great value for money!

Those that are planning on doing some events also have the option to take a French Triathlon Federation Competition License. This gives additional benefits, the main one being cheaper race entry fees!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s easy to join Tri Montagne. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.trimontagne.com/membership
  2. Complete the membership form with a few simple details
  3. Make the online payment through the link provided
  4. If opting in for the FFTri Competition Licence follow the link to complete the online registration and then email a medical certificate direct to us.

Please note:

  • The Club Membership fee is compulsory to join Tri Montagne.
  • The FFTri Competition Licence is optional.
  • The fees can be paid together or separately if you are adding the compition licence at a later date.
  • We recommend taking the FFTri Competition licence if you are entering 3 or more triathlons for the summer as you will save on one day licence fees and therefore save money overall.
  • After the club fee has been paid you will be added to the email list & Facebook group and receive information about club sessions & events.